Crazy Bird Lady

“God is Love”


That’s all, she told me

whispering above the noise outside

while Chaotic going crazy



“Time just ran by

turning Days in to Night”


and I was just existing

trying to live like


a bird in a cage

waking up through it all,

All I could remember was….




And she had forgotten it all

Like last nights dinner

when we fought


Leaving it all on the table,

the candles burned and so did our souls

barbecued, simmered, baked and fried

while she cried


“The devil is Hate”


Skipping her ass down

her stroll of fate

feeling angry red and crazy blue

Crazy eyed, looking


through tears

praying one day we rest

to rest our minds on Love’s chest


Singing her a song

and flapping my wings

laying her down

to give her dreams



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