Jordan’s Curiosity

He’s a young boy with dreams, filled

all night with magic tricks and

unbelievable myths


Wishing for a life

of never ending days of play

and daring what if’s


Eyes wide out, never closed

content in making the world

what it is as he sees


Outside reflecting the innocent in,

laughing at his pure sadness

he’s spirit free


Constantly and consistently

he remains in the hunt for the true

meaning and the reason why


Instinct whispering soft giggles

that there just may be something

between the clouds in the sky


So he believes….


To Hell and Back

A gloomy dark hall, fluorescent lights still dancing

to the heart beats of the barely living

and those who’ve died


Passing by frowned faces

of hard times and

those who must survive


Like me, evolved hearts to stone

bitter sweet nature

with foundations of fear


Motivated by radio waved dreams

and their second childhood

baby tears


Embracing fellow semioticians

who return their gestures to an equally

minded and well tested champ


A conqueror of himself

and of the outside world

has now returned to camp


Smoke still smoking from my soles

showing much evidence of walls crumbled

and demons demolished


Suited in my best,

emerging from the Blacksmith’s water

for now I am evenly polished


The reincarnated parable has ended

and the Lost Son

has returned


Fluorescent lights still tinkle

in the hall, awaiting

for the next soles to burn

Paradise Lost

We made heaven in our box of hell

after we lite fire to the sky


And walked away from somebody’s could be paradise

with our heads held high


Giving up eternal life for love,

throwing up the consequences to the fire


Staying true to our heart’s aspirations

than to know ourselves better as liars


Inhaling deep breaths of determination

we blew life in to our own worldly worlds


Resuscitating our dreams, recreating childhoods

of when we were young boys and innocent girls


Free  willing to adulthood and then to an after life

without the whispers of the opinionated blind


Basing their could be lies on what had always occurred

from now to back to the beginning of time


While they wonder secretly within themselves

what life would be if the sky would really fall


Braising their minds to find

that there may never be a paradise at all

Temporary Victory


We lease our existence from dream thieves,

who will at any moment take away our breath

when needed or not


Disguising ourselves

as the owners of the boom

of Molotov bombs and close range gun shots


We are crowned victorious, with

red Kool-Aid smiles and

fried chicken smells in our clothes


Yes, the Have-Not’s are now the champions

of a fallen kingdom

of crumbling walls and lost souls


In the blackness of shadows

the repented say prayers

of Heavenly Father forgiveness


So that forever

they remain in His grace

and become a soul surviving Witness


If I could turn on the light for you I would


If  these words could touch your heart as if you really knew

as if you truly overstood, I would


I would turn the stressful dark days into peaceful bright nights


To ask God for love to turn on her beautiful bright lights


If I could I would, fetch for you the purest waters

from the eyes of repented sin


and bathe you in them to wash away your fears

and worries from within


If I could I would do anything in my power

for you in any way or in any order


Even if you only need me to turn on the light

and fix you a glass of water


I would…..

Wisdom Passes….and so forth

Coincidently we walked in to the same room of this atmospheric blues

Playing our roles to the tunes Fate has given us to play

You are my Teacher and I the student of your futuristic views

Hoping to honor your words in the time of my wisdom passing days


Once believing that I memorized  all the lessons in life to be told

But that was just another lesson in life

To be told, proving to me that it’s never too late to mold

Never too far to reach, never too dark to shed light


So much that I bathe in and upon your light to be tanned

And show others that Light walks with me

So much that I am reconstructed in to becoming a real man

To show to others that knowledge is the key


And I am the new bearer of infinite paths and decisions to choose

And at the same time, I became the master instrument of this atmospheric blues

Playing tunes for the masses, so they might understand they too have decisions to choose

Giving thanks to my teacher’s teacher for Her furturistic views


Coincidently my teacher leaves the room and a new student arrives

Playing his role to the tunes Fate has given her to play

My duty to my position is to make an impression on his life

Hoping he will honor my words in the time of her wisdom passing days


….and so forth

Time Against Faces

Drops of pain as if it were rain rippling waves upon these beautiful faces

Losing time, losing childhoods, losing spaces


Wondering about yesterdays and the time that was never spent

Wondering about those beautiful plans, wondering where they went


And time keeps on  moving as if it were from scene to scene

As actors are getting old birthing new ambitions and new ambitions are birthing new dreams


All along pride rides the rippled waves that rest upon these beautiful faces

The clock keeps ticking while the ages continue eating spaces


And all that remains is the residue of memories left behind

With nothing else to say but “where is the time”


Solumn face creeping

through the dark


Sniffing for fear in the air

of my scent and wanting

to own this heart


She was a relentless

savage on me once,

eating up my existence back then


And when she couldn’t  finish

she was left with angry thoughts

foaming and dripping down her chin


Defining it as self afflicted pain;

dark clouds follow her in stride, outside

she struts with pride,


but on the inside she paces back and forth

in a cage of pride


wrinkled and dried,

happy times are now longed for memories


As her weeping willowed posture

throbs from looking down on her invisible enemies


In which I remain to be private enemy no. 1


She refuses to show her regrets

but I can hear them

free falling from her toungue


So much that she speaks

with a lisp and

curses between the gap in her teeth


Eventhough she prayed

 that God would forgive me

for being so weak


Closed minded and brutally cold



to a devil who was a savage on me once

and almost claimed my soul

Ms. Independent

She be freedom writing through tears
on the bedroom walls
G’s and A’s all standing tall

“you’re GonnA need one dAy”

Pride and Love against each other
on the battlefield of my heart
Her skies have opened and the waves of her sea did part

Me wanting to leave and
the need for me to stay
And all I could think was

“you’re gonna need me one day”

To hear me laugh
at my reflection in your eyes
Or to feel the hair standing up
on my thighs, when you ride

Wild horses in my mind

Giving you Love
and wasting your time
Thinking of you
and wanting what’s mine

Seeing her in yellows,
in reds and in pinks
Admiring her freedom,
whenever I happen to think

“Your GonnA need me one dAy”


She wants me to be
more than just a passing friend

Staring at me through mirrored ceilings
while running guilt down my chin

Burning me up in the pews
fanning me with lies of celibacy girls

Hoping that the fire spreads, creating
hell on earth in my world

Flipping tissue paper with words
Hoping I’d believe and pray

Watching me with her right eye
Waiting for the moment I retire and lay

Trouble be squirming in my sheets
screaming for me at the top of baby minded lungs

Possessed by liquid lust
speaking the Truth in tongues

Interrupting my prayers before I eat

Running from wine and cracker tables to
running wild through inner city streets

before He lay me down to sleep

Holding hands with retired whores off corners
Dressed up like fairies

Only ten minute testimonies
No time for the documenTary

Oversized letter climbing the building,
while political pastors be pole dancing on stages

And ministers with squeegees
offering to clean hearts for wages

High pitch yelps signals a race
Amen! Everybody running in place

Looking to escape week long sins
Running so fast they lost without a trace

All in the name of the Son and the Father