She wants me to be
more than just a passing friend

Staring at me through mirrored ceilings
while running guilt down my chin

Burning me up in the pews
fanning me with lies of celibacy girls

Hoping that the fire spreads, creating
hell on earth in my world

Flipping tissue paper with words
Hoping I’d believe and pray

Watching me with her right eye
Waiting for the moment I retire and lay

Trouble be squirming in my sheets
screaming for me at the top of baby minded lungs

Possessed by liquid lust
speaking the Truth in tongues

Interrupting my prayers before I eat

Running from wine and cracker tables to
running wild through inner city streets

before He lay me down to sleep

Holding hands with retired whores off corners
Dressed up like fairies

Only ten minute testimonies
No time for the documenTary

Oversized letter climbing the building,
while political pastors be pole dancing on stages

And ministers with squeegees
offering to clean hearts for wages

High pitch yelps signals a race
Amen! Everybody running in place

Looking to escape week long sins
Running so fast they lost without a trace

All in the name of the Son and the Father


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