Solumn face creeping

through the dark


Sniffing for fear in the air

of my scent and wanting

to own this heart


She was a relentless

savage on me once,

eating up my existence back then


And when she couldn’t  finish

she was left with angry thoughts

foaming and dripping down her chin


Defining it as self afflicted pain;

dark clouds follow her in stride, outside

she struts with pride,


but on the inside she paces back and forth

in a cage of pride


wrinkled and dried,

happy times are now longed for memories


As her weeping willowed posture

throbs from looking down on her invisible enemies


In which I remain to be private enemy no. 1


She refuses to show her regrets

but I can hear them

free falling from her toungue


So much that she speaks

with a lisp and

curses between the gap in her teeth


Eventhough she prayed

 that God would forgive me

for being so weak


Closed minded and brutally cold



to a devil who was a savage on me once

and almost claimed my soul

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