If I could turn on the light for you I would


If  these words could touch your heart as if you really knew

as if you truly overstood, I would


I would turn the stressful dark days into peaceful bright nights


To ask God for love to turn on her beautiful bright lights


If I could I would, fetch for you the purest waters

from the eyes of repented sin


and bathe you in them to wash away your fears

and worries from within


If I could I would do anything in my power

for you in any way or in any order


Even if you only need me to turn on the light

and fix you a glass of water


I would…..

One thought on “Yes?!

  1. That is splendid, kind of makes me feel like I should do more even though my heart wills it my mind keeps saying you can get your own dayum cup of water…lol how subtly our views change with time. Great write thanks for sharing.

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