Paradise Lost

We made heaven in our box of hell

after we lite fire to the sky


And walked away from somebody’s could be paradise

with our heads held high


Giving up eternal life for love,

throwing up the consequences to the fire


Staying true to our heart’s aspirations

than to know ourselves better as liars


Inhaling deep breaths of determination

we blew life in to our own worldly worlds


Resuscitating our dreams, recreating childhoods

of when we were young boys and innocent girls


Free  willing to adulthood and then to an after life

without the whispers of the opinionated blind


Basing their could be lies on what had always occurred

from now to back to the beginning of time


While they wonder secretly within themselves

what life would be if the sky would really fall


Braising their minds to find

that there may never be a paradise at all

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