To Hell and Back

A gloomy dark hall, fluorescent lights still dancing

to the heart beats of the barely living

and those who’ve died


Passing by frowned faces

of hard times and

those who must survive


Like me, evolved hearts to stone

bitter sweet nature

with foundations of fear


Motivated by radio waved dreams

and their second childhood

baby tears


Embracing fellow semioticians

who return their gestures to an equally

minded and well tested champ


A conqueror of himself

and of the outside world

has now returned to camp


Smoke still smoking from my soles

showing much evidence of walls crumbled

and demons demolished


Suited in my best,

emerging from the Blacksmith’s water

for now I am evenly polished


The reincarnated parable has ended

and the Lost Son

has returned


Fluorescent lights still tinkle

in the hall, awaiting

for the next soles to burn

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