With Confidence

When I step outside my door
angels twirl in their hast

Sounding for another chance
to form and hover in my after space

Even though I’m rotten to the core,
my shell within its lines are evenly traced

Thankful as I am that He
sheds his light on my melanin base

A true representative among sleeping mortals and angels who twirl

I revolve in the minds of past lovers and the envy, trying to grab hold of an unattainable world

Dreaming for my end and believing in me to live to witness a real life again

I walk their world strong, hands free
with God in the front and His angels in my after wind


Your Cloud

I know it’s in my past now,

but I can still smell

the scent of things

I liked


pear fruit spritz and Tresor,

clouded over me

in the darkness of nights


raining down whispers

and random touches of locks against

my right ear and collar bone


searching and cutting through

the blackness of her eyes

for a place to call home


her ransacked dreams by way

of hurtful love waved in a trance and

danced from her ceiling fan


predictably I was escorted out by the Rage

of her pains,which in return gave chase

when I left and ran


all behind me still stands

the mushroom cloud, smelling of misty lost love

and desperate presperation


still running, chased by the Rage

avoiding the predictable

of my total devistation