Day Ending

Days ending, transforming
to mellow men, landing as slowly
and gently as the sun sets

Little boy dreams return from a day
of reality play to whatever
their imagination can think of next

Tired gazes of ambitions tally
in their minds while the ambiance
sets again for reunited lovers

Growling stomachs wag like dog tails,
while forgot about “to do’s” are found
laying across pillow covers

TV made strobe lights dance
on the outside of our slow
up and down lids

As the day ends
with peace in our hearts
and the imagination of kids



Party Girl

She cant tell that she’s dwindled down

by her memories from when she watched

them all run away, one by one


Flamed and banished from her heart,

where she relives the lust by each

before they were all said and done


Honored and fascinated to be

the broken hearted and even more

loves to tell the tale


Of when she had souls trapped

in her chaos in what is now

a dim and desolate jail


Where she is always a no show

to parties that celebrate

her own repeated pity


It’s a shame for her heart

and her mind because she can never

leave Heartbreak City

Hell Of A Life

I’m raggedy now,

my new soul smell is worn and evaporated


My excitement has been robbed and my

twelve foot dreams are now corroded and dilapidated


While anxiety bears down on me looking

to beat out the last of my breath


The frown that wears me, stays close

as if I was his last pair left


The gloom has me now,

so here I am slumped and laid


Overlooking the cracks in the ground,

amazed by the hell of a life I made