Sunday’s Take

Feverishly baptizing the tip of his thumb with his tongue, over and over again, after the parade

of smooth talking had ended, counting his take, alone in his silent fetish

No smiles or pretensions, his stares glared harder

than a killer’s, right before the crime, easy enough because he was

Before and after the fact, slithering through

the hearts of the world, the Heavy and Done Over

with no remorse


Gut Feeling


The urgency was gone, left

with her gutful pride she had that day,

and I only knocked once


Her stereotypical gaze stood tall

above her view from a peephole of

a straw, for only a few short months


and made it impossible to know who I was


until I had given up

and was already gone,


in pursuit of her tumbleweed of urgency


for a little while in her turbulance,

looking to put it all back in perspective

to no avail, only until she would see me again with others


Desperately placing her head on bodies

who may have known, wanting

to receive what I had given

and never with her again


She posed with pity smiles and a regretful heart


And that is how she stayed

forever in view, wishing

for revenge against her gutful pride

Morning Breath


I woke up freshly made over with newness batter caked up in the corners of my eyes

With all of Yesterday’s joy floating its stink aroma from out of my mouth, freely telling the truth about lies

Barely do I remember; bittersweet and slight sorrow from what was left behind

Searching for what I was then to who I am now and I wonder could it be any harder to find

The Night already came and went, leaving pillowcases on top of mints

So that what now remains are damp memories and a horrible leftover scent

Lost and Found

Im here but I’m really not,

surrounded by my usual entourage of second guesses and weird looking what not’s

They found me again, hunched over with my worries split open

Aggrevation spilt on my sleeve, happy to see that I’m back to doping and overdosing

Wasting away, my soul is burning hot along with the roof of my mouth

with blasphemy and a few four letter words, looking for definitive ways to let it all out

My senses are tingling because of how fast my whole world quickly takes a dive,

free falling from its happy place, dead on my face and no longer looking alive

I’m in it like never before, just like before, staring at the cracks on the ground

Wasting away, losing myself and yet always being found