We Were There

Temporarily brushing landscaped horizons, we lived another Adam and Eve and used to be blind

by the Supernatural, touched our souls once, meshed and laid us together for a few memories in time

evolving from lust, two bastard lovers with no consequences to the reason

we laid free with no need of a because, in the Garden of Treason

caught underneath bright cumulus clouds concealing vengeful grim

with God’s finger on the button and the faint sound somewhere of the Devil’s grin


Do You Love Me?

I recall, with the same tone of melancholy faces

from where we came, reliving bitter scenes unseen and their cold hearted places  

and when I do, I  still swallow hard and repeated cringe

marinating in it’s noise, living the past in a present drunken binge

slurring my cloud all over her unconditional gown 

I always thought I’d appreciate her better accompanied by a broken hearted frown

To Late

her far away gaze surfed over hills of heads sending signal that it was ok with her; if I could just read her mind

just for a little while to play with her thoughts, daydream some impossibles and just maybe we’d be lost in time

with her strange, she rayed  envious desire from afar, sufficating her regrets in off and on tight grips

hoping so bad, her procrastinate days dripped slow drips, so that by her time alone she had already been missed