She was more than familiar
with heart times, extremely
grateful for her breaths

wherever she happened to be
she stood her ground and
fought hard until their deaths

bared and held down
by something ugly, leaving
restrictions on her heart

she beat down her lovers
until what was heartly built
had all fallen apart



Love Child

It was a clusterfuck 
of loneliness,
infidelity and pain

and he is the product
of that jumbled anomaly, 
a rubbed in forever stain

Street Dreams

They all got trapped in concrete wombs,
stuck in their childhood clothes
like stop signs in the street

unable to flip their time, rolling
over dead, unable to stand
on their own two feet

what a failed life, mother’s 
heads still hanging down low basking
their necks in the Father’s shame

dead corpses lay stale on benches,
while others lay lifeless
on top of hop scotch games

hot peas and butter please, 
they hope to feast, but
only in their dreams

got the sandman running crazy
at night delivering fresh nightmares
to hungry men, just follow the steam

amoungst them, the next
generation laugh and play
in hoods of a ghost town

while two generations before,
who lived and learned look
from their windows and frown

Thug Life

His eyes said it all before he did,
posing hard with a melting smirk sliding
off to the side of his face

known to be more dangersome than
the average goon who had many
young dudes blasted out of space

Standing up tall
holding up wall
his aroma filled with Street’s

his spur rocked hard
making rigid egos limp
and crazily cry weak

he already tried to get away,
every few years he remarried
because he loved Her

to no avail, he is where he was
remade over, born again thug
baptized in the gutter

Sophisticated Blues

I hate myself this morning,
hate my eyes, hate my beard,
hate my nose

I hate the way I smell and
hate that I have to wear
these dreary black clothes

feeling like the world owes me
an apology for the way its been
treating me lately, being so crude

as if no one knows who I am; a
gentleman, a scholar,
so proudly prude

and eventhough my esteem
drags and sweeps
my living room floor

I’ll still prepare and coach myself
to smile, looking my best
walkIng out the door


She twirled and rolled under the club strobe lights
all along pretending to be in the arms of God, she wanted to be reclaimed

she wished for her innocence to be renewed and who she really was
on the inside to be worth more than what she was nicknamed

she was tired of strange faces and the Beast nipping on her heels, she needed to be rededicated

her money was fast and life had become even more complicated

when the final call announced, lights went dark and the noise deceased

she begged for forgiveness and for God to rest her soul in peace


Inside Out

From the inside out, he was a young man who at every glance was turning old

and watched the world spin and sporadically exhaled on glass just see how cold

his mama made him, believing he was the second coming and kept him mentally equipped with holy water and things, for all the sinners

but his intense observations from inside out made him realize that there were no winners

we were all losers; losing our religion, lost hope and losing our lives

from the inside out no one is safe from this cold world that continues to make us cry

Dying Alone

His happiness slowly dripped down the wall readily racing a tear to the floor, the pain hadn’t fully dried

His right and wrong decisions teetered like a metronome as he watched with both of his hands tied

He had given up on Hope, who on the other side of the door was desperate and so was her knock

The steady sound of the tick and tock forced his wits to lock while the rapid fire of hard times sent his heavy heart into shock

High Tide

We were easily seen by the stream that lead to our hung over clouds

harmonizing freely in thought with all affectation being dissallowed

We packed like diametrical wolves, basking early in the Sun’s morning rise

preparing our mental surfboards, awaiting gingerly for the next high tide, to rise

We wanted out, away from Real Life in order to retain our real

exiled away, off to Oblivion without the pain of feel

Spin Out

He held on tight with his back pinned to the wall as his insides swirled to the core

chaos had already stolen half his brain and its canons boomed big at his door

Life was at the controls pulling levers, pushing buttons then

the room slid in slight reverse and was ready to go forward for another spin

his prayers and answers feathered around wishing to be accepted and claimed

the fear of the ground fell on his heart so hard that he had forgotten to call on His name