Tit for Tat

I gave her the cold face stare,
one my coldest looks
in the face of her coldest breeze

blew her life away
and tumbled her days
like loose wild leaves

so she’d have no choice;
blacked and blued her heart
to a medium devistated rare

while playing the role of an abuser,
making sure to brand her thoughts
with careless I dont cares

which were loaners given by her
from before and the others;
heartless ones before she

I gave her what we could’ve been
first, so that all she remembers now is
what we shouldve been destined to be


Doubt’s Pool

All ten toes dangle in the cold
searching  for an answer
to my rippling reflection

awaiting for my faith
to arrive once again beyond
my calling’s resurrection

the grown mature all ready
dove in, head first
along with their smiles

full of possibilities
holding their breath and
gripping tight to their wilds

so that with their
successful waves
I continue to be left alone

my pie in the sky has fallen
short, just like a child
I am too afraid of the unknown

dangling toes, regretful sighs
knowing it should be me
making waves, before I go

too many lost years
and lost breaths, holding on
tight to what I already don’t know