The Start Of The End

He enjoyed the breeze,
the getaway was a well
deserved quiet buzz

wanting to have gotten
there naturally, pretending
not to be from where he was

and he smiled with his teeth,
through the red of his inner eye lids,
too afraid to see what he had done

believing with half his heart
that the warmth he felt
was from the arms of the Son


Public Enemy

The knock on the door
was a tune of the end
and wide eyed startled him

right, out of his freedom
instantly preyed for
the relief of his soul

he was
a young man,
Who knew

the next time
he’d see
himself old

out of time
out of his mind,
and out of breath

by then

Karma drove away
flashing its red
and blue lights

with an old man’s
freedom skeleton
dangling in the wind

Where Have You Been

Hope fully drowned,
ressurecting you with your
back when memories

anxiously sniffed
me out for my
unforgettable, after when

greeted with salt tracked
eyes and an aging
whole in your heart

no laughter,
smothering grip
or gratifying grin

just hello again
to say goodbye again,
to an unforgettable