Give Me A Happy Face

I remember you well,
along with your smile
secretly admiring
your spontaneous peeks

and the crescent crease
that formed perfectly
between your lips
and your left cheek

now while you sleep
my fingers surf, landing
variously on and off
your cold and rigid lines

crushing through
your crusty salt, pounding
out your pain trying
to pull you back in time


Hard Time

Poor of a man life bankrupt of free time,
all out of hope and chance

his tragedy stared me down hard, to a bow
so that I could notice the bleakness of his stance

Pieces of a man and what he used to be
peered through the holes of the fence

for the young in crime and wide eyed youth to see
his path and know the consequence

Cold Crush

She crushed down
my cold walls
to a warming slush

so I believed in her
good, from a well thought out
swear to a fully commited rush

already, we were
in flames inhaling each other,
smoking in tight spaces

forcing love through
while adjusting the
blinders on our faces

good and bad, always
for each other, unconcerned
about where we finally ended

our hearts back washed
old pain that should’ve
long ago been mended