Held and Kept

all the while she watched him
turn, erasing his love from her
and from their unborn child

monstrous things overtook and became him,
traveling all the way from deep love
to his defining call to wild

frozen and unguarded she limped away
helplessly drowning in his
faded left behind breath

splashing through her tears,
longing for a new strength or just
to be held and kept

unbeknownst to her she was, ready
to be  beautifully saved
in her own “as you are” right

her struggle and pains, brought
forth radiant trust and faith
in Him to the truest form of light


Unrescued and Well Hidden

Hurt red eyes hid behind
ripped squeezed papers
between his loose limbs

cried for years
while pain went to town,
riding wildly on top of him

missing his musk
from lack of, hard times
revealing his inner man

while he went on
searching for his escape,
panting for his promise land

numb to his hurt
and deaf to life’s pounding rain,
he finished himself mentally drained

unrescued from his born
in bed , foot over rail
from his growing pain

nothing left for him
because he came with
nothing ever being given

squeezed and dripped 
his silent cries left him
limp and well hidden

Locked Up

His world would sometimes
blanket him in gloom

Sometimes he’d go off to his private place
in the public Kingdom of Doom

Etching on walls, he promised
himself that one day he’d leave

Consumed by time trapped in his grey,
slowly losing his ability to believe

His heart froze cold sliding on his sleeve,
the pulse on his neck bumped high and moved

Mournful memories of his loved ones laid flat
outside the gates along with his empty shoes

Living Dead

He was born into a dream,
breathed and lived it
like the nightmare he is

Rolling his eyes in and out
of anxiety trance, hating
he loved his misery bliss

Scratched dry and irritated
in his skin, loosely wild
for nothing new

Fastly hopping through
the tender moments while
slow dragging through the blue

Back and forth, lost
in the mold between
real and the fake

Dead in his consciousness,
wrinkled and dry
breathlessly lying awake

Shout Out To My….


Their life was coming to an end
and there stood a standing ovation
in the middle of the night

Some took off on wings and others
on the strength of their souls
spiritually wrapped tight

blood painted the concrete
and tar by way of thick
heavy streams and spatters

and Love Babies transformed to
reincarnated bastards as if
they never really mattered

eulogies were silent and loudly
expressed  memories by
the flickers of flames

mothers ran through streets wild eyed
crazy, waiting for replies to their babies
called out names, in shame

Side Chick

She stayed well packaged
with a smile well
wrapped ear to ear

lust slow dripping
heavy from her crown past
her eyes to the unclear

to rediscover love
that is; already claimed
and paid for buy the hour

her selfish pride arrived
stomping loud off
the deck of her May flower

and although her lips
painted better lies, her eyes
spoke truth and showed frown

spewing better airs of sadness,
her corsage leaned over and
faced itself to the ground