A Good Lie

Smacked down in sandman’s dust
finally persuaded that my rugged
gave her stability

better when I banged her, head
layed against my wall I forced her
to sleep in my tranquillity

as a fool in love,
although she watched me scheme
out the corner of her good eye

she’s addicted to the need
and stayed, settling and accepting
the scars to my lies


Unforgettable Pleasures

I rode the pulse of that city
like an electric horseman, bucking
my way through hard good times

awakening lost souls
while an accomplice to biblical
and physical dark crimes

letting their light set on my chest
beside undercover jezebels, paired
together in superficial stupers

and raised myself to a higher
understandings of this light
until I became an immortal like man;


visible like stars, sitting wildly
in dreams of all those who hadĀ a chance
and should’ve loved me right

bucking and rearing Undercovers,
basking through good hard times
underneath another’s like super starlight

Home Sick

Alone, I pose in group photos
along with my better side
so that I might feel like home

and wonder if I can still be
seen in my blinds, quietly
crazily chattering in my bones

hastily preying for better
tomorrows, slowly melting
in my yesterday’s clothes

sickly anticipating long ago
tragedies with myself esteem,
steadily oozing from my nose

He Ain’t Sh!t

The twinkle in his eye
spoke before he could,
deny the fight

before he took off himself;
his Cool and I had
already took off in flight

Bursting through life
in full features
and hand me down traits

looking like he did,
wrapped in undeniable truth
with his same smile on my face


When she came around
it had to be
an unseen theft

to interrupt my guard,
to steal away my rugged,
to momentarily hold down my breathe

to kill off airy facades
after givingĀ  birth
to heartfelt canals

to put an end
to the self abuse and
to hang up blindly on the call of The Wild

Young World

We were all on our way
to the unfamiliar, also known
as the Promise Land

trekking by twos through seasons
and flashing out Hope
in open shut hands

Our shuffled changed lives
slide a cross, flat earths
with dry aspirations and no fizz

watching each other pose
with fake smiles of brotherhood
as The Promise Land Kids

No Heaven Green

To dust again they accept their return
dry mouthed around stale crumbs
of yesterday’s unleavened

every bit of their Earth,
whizzing or in still life becoming
gloomy crashed up heaven

forgotten and short lived,
born again old
in a wish to live a better day

they lay; stretched out
on benches or across
urinated greens and gray

chained to their exasperated
lowly hearts, shooting up high
and loudly crashing down

stuck on severe and painful
strokes, holding on tight
to their forever lost and frowns

Gypsy Girl

She came on a swaying drift
holding on to her dear Life
and sagging heart

crowded among heavy airs that stood
beside and over her collapsed
esteem steady, shredding it apart

preparing her slouch she stood
up on His word to portray unbroken
and ready for an uneven blend

wherever she had been;
made her recognition of me keen
and undeniable then

when she did love me