Raise Me Up

My heart jumped around
all out of favor, preparing
this to be my very last breath

with my toes in syncronize rhythm
pounding down the concrete beat,
praying this to be just a test

muttering out unapologetic words
in between breathes
and exhaling in the name of Jesus

just me and my spirits
blazing down blacktops hoping
He’d recognize my thoughts and see us

as he did when I birthed
and took the first one,
inhaling screams to claim my presence

and now I ask
that he take a second look
and raise me up, out of Adolescence



It is my favorite place,
for grand interpretation and self
relief to seep through

to go to war in shadow
with my inner self
and chaotic residue

Where the back of my back
forms a mold on every inch
of all four walls

a place for me to stay
when I refuse conviction,
to firmly hold up my arms, I tall

against my inner monsters
who wiggle their fingers
and howl in muted moans

advocating for a flea
to return to the unconscious,
my comatose home

Kids To Feed

Feed my children;
play my words
again, deeply
scratch and sniff

I must I must
I must stay above
the crumb scattered
counter tops, I insist

for their hungry eyes
and their joyful laughes
let me mat
down on my Pains

to make it home
again, so that I may
feed them life
even when it reigns

Sick Of Him

Holding his image high

like a superhero in disguise

or a shiny found penny

while on my way


I believe in him,

count on him; one day,

 birthday, father’s day

or maybe even just today


will he see me;

as I am

in my neglected pose

and undefined clothes


while hungry for love flies

buzzing in my eye

and his bitter cold

running heavy down my knows

Rubbed Over Love

Even though; how I 
crippled him just the same
in a gradual stiff pain
rubbed over love
of an initiation
A crowned prince
owning dual citizenship of
First Born Love 
and an honorable subject
of the infamous Bastard nation
And he wore it well, flaunting 
father love wherever he went
until he matured and all
ready well overgrown
Until it overturned
from the best love;
to the worst pain
he’s ever known
Until he wishes 
and sends Karma
for me in order
to return the pitiful favor
Crowning himself
King of his pain;
even though Karma
may also soon visit him, later