I am who, I am

Grown and all curled up 

to be unconciously wild

Bittersweet  like a late night crack

dribbling down my new devilish smile

Unrecognizable as I ought to be 

in my cold after dark skin

Carefree to how you want me to be;

physically and mentally trapped in your

 judgemental lens

I dont need no friends, no pretentious

 airs floating around me in my


Gloom when I want, rain or even sunrays

to burn away those sometimey tears

That may fall and sizzle on the tip of my 

toenails as I walk above the cloud 

But I’m above the hell you gave me, now

I persist to exist out loud

In time I’ll grow wings to tell you

and the world to see me later

I am who I said I am; the maker, 

the creator, the this life navigator