Kids To Feed

Feed my children;
play my words
again, deeply
scratch and sniff

I must I must
I must stay above
the crumb scattered
counter tops, I insist

for their hungry eyes
and their joyful laughes
let me mat
down on my Pains

to make it home
again, so that I may
feed them life
even when it reigns


Sick Of Him

Holding his image high

like a superhero in disguise

or a shiny found penny

while on my way


I believe in him,

count on him; one day,

 birthday, father’s day

or maybe even just today


will he see me;

as I am

in my neglected pose

and undefined clothes


while hungry for love flies

buzzing in my eye

and his bitter cold

running heavy down my knows

Rubbed Over Love

Even though; how I 
crippled him just the same
in a gradual stiff pain
rubbed over love
of an initiation
A crowned prince
owning dual citizenship of
First Born Love 
and an honorable subject
of the infamous Bastard nation
And he wore it well, flaunting 
father love wherever he went
until he matured and all
ready well overgrown
Until it overturned
from the best love;
to the worst pain
he’s ever known
Until he wishes 
and sends Karma
for me in order
to return the pitiful favor
Crowning himself
King of his pain;
even though Karma
may also soon visit him, later


It almost killed him, it did,
overflow way past the hard knot
in his throat, found himself hard to cope

with, his well concealed anger
blazing underneath
his thin fictitious coat

Repeatedly he held the flame
until his past, present and future singed
beyond recollection or recognition

deceased; smoky black charred
bones lay limped from
an unplanned emotional proposition


Leaving her in cries of dispair,
while off to another affair
as a missing half to another’s bliss

he took off on a shooting star
to be reclaimed by someone
else’s prayerful wish

without a second look or trail
of clues; her hurt completely ached
her alone down to barely exist

making remarkable history in her world
by loving and crashing it
so seriously like this

she’s so scornful now
with her damaged heart,
recreating reborn regrets

the last she saw of him was
his frosted back and dark hands
holding love strings from her chest

The Lost Boys

They stroll and post up on
concrete slabs while dark clouds
follow in synchronized order

on a mission to nowhere, held up
by failed dreams, these are
the lost boys of lost young daughters

unprepared to deal, buck naked
to the cold ways of a cold world,
caught up in the corners of their eyes

where they stiffen and rot
next to prisoners of past hurts, old cries
and older brothers who’ve already died

A Good Lie

Smacked down in sandman’s dust
finally persuaded that my rugged
gave her stability

better when I banged her, head
layed against my wall I forced her
to sleep in my tranquillity

as a fool in love,
although she watched me scheme
out the corner of her good eye

she’s addicted to the need
and stayed, settling and accepting
the scars to my lies

Unforgettable Pleasures

I rode the pulse of that city
like an electric horseman, bucking
my way through hard good times

awakening lost souls
while an accomplice to biblical
and physical dark crimes

letting their light set on my chest
beside undercover jezebels, paired
together in superficial stupers

and raised myself to a higher
understandings of this light
until I became an immortal like man;


visible like stars, sitting wildly
in dreams of all those who had a chance
and should’ve loved me right

bucking and rearing Undercovers,
basking through good hard times
underneath another’s like super starlight

Home Sick

Alone, I pose in group photos
along with my better side
so that I might feel like home

and wonder if I can still be
seen in my blinds, quietly
crazily chattering in my bones

hastily preying for better
tomorrows, slowly melting
in my yesterday’s clothes

sickly anticipating long ago
tragedies with myself esteem,
steadily oozing from my nose

He Ain’t Sh!t

The twinkle in his eye
spoke before he could,
deny the fight

before he took off himself;
his Cool and I had
already took off in flight

Bursting through life
in full features
and hand me down traits

looking like he did,
wrapped in undeniable truth
with his same smile on my face